IKARIAN will assist you in implementing customized training programs for your executives, risk managers, regional or national directors, HR managers, compliance officers, logistics departments, project and supply chain managers, legal staff, marketing teams, sales and procurement directors, etc. All of our training programs are adapted to the specificities of your company in its industry, its sector of activity and its countries of operation.

Understanding the competition law legal framework (national legislation, European legislation, extraterritorial laws) including the scope of potential penalties (fines, criminal sanctions, etc.) and extra-legal risks

  • Issues & Challenges
  • Risk Prevention
  • Understanding the extraterritorial scope of the anti-corruption legislation
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding and assessing competition law risks

  • Issues & Challenges
  • Understand and avoid all types of anti-competitive and cartel activities
  • Understand the extraterritorial scope of the competition law
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Raising awareness among your staff as to the potential penalties incurred for violations of national, European and international regulations

  • Regional and extraterritorial application of laws

Establishing an effective compliance program (Anti-Corruption and Competition Laws)

  • Mandatory measures and best practices in conformity with the requirements of the controlling authorities
  • The role and function of the Compliance Officer
  • Whistleblowers and labor/social law (choice of law and overriding mandatory rules)

Trade control compliance policy

Anti-corruption policy

  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Respect for legal requirements

Competition rules

Choosing between an Agent and a Distributor, what are the consequences?

Public Procurement, Intensity of Competition, Corruption Risks & Price Distortion

  • Avoiding questionable practices with the contracting authority
  • Avoiding anticompetitive practices
  • Ensuring that public procurement is carried out in a competitive and accountable manner with group distributors

Handling of gifts and invitations policies

  • Sponsorships and donations
  • Review policies on gifts, corporate sponsorship / philanthropy and donations

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Conduct pre and post-merger, anti-corruption Due Diligence
  • Data room: What types of data exchanges among competitors are reasonable?
  • Conducting a competition law compliance audit
  • Data transfer to relevant authorities regarding management’s transactions

Custody and indictment

  • How to behave and handle emergency situations

Competition dawn raids: how to handle investigators

  • Staff preparation and supervision
  • Handling investigations and Dawn raids
  • Handling the lawyer – client relationship,  professional secrecy
  • Seizures and seals
  • Blocking statutes
  • Requests for protected status

Complaint handling process with the authorities, before or after an investigation

  • Leniency programs
  • Decision not to contest the facts in a statement of objections
  • Settlement
  • Sanctions
  • Private damages

Handling a corporate crisis amid corruption charges

  • How best to protect your reputation

International Corruption: Analysis of the case law

International Legislation: Analysis of case law

Other training programs

  • Understanding and assessing the anti-corruption legal framework (national frameworks, extraterritorial laws) and extra-legal risks
  • Understanding and assessing the risks of corruption
  • How to set up a “Compliant” company?
  • How to handle and react to an investigation?
  • Preparation for being taken into police custody
  • Risk management of third parties (sales agents, distributors, intermediaries, JV / consortium partners, consultants, etc.)
  • How to perform an anti-corruption due diligence during an M&A transaction?
  • Implementation of policies on gifts, corporate sponsorship / philanthropy and donations
  • Implementation of a whistleblowing mechanism
  • Preparation for ISO 37001 certification
  • Preparation for compliance with the French “Sapin 2” Law.


Here are some of the anti-corruption programs we have developed and presented:

A CAC 40 group operating in the environmental sector A Belgian group operating in the chemicals sector Several major investment funds An American group operating in the medical sector
  • Training to raise awareness of the Board of Directors and staff (UKBA, FCPA, French Sapin 2 law)
  • Risk mapping
  • Training to raise awareness of the Top 70 company executives as well as its legal directors in France and Belgium (UKBA, FCPA, French Sapin 2 law)
  • Advised on the organization of awareness raising training sessions for investment managers and subsidiaries’ managers (UKBA, FCPA, Sapin 2 law)
  • Training of staff members on executive / management liability and on investigation / prosecution in connection with the sale of medical devices as part of the company’s business partnership with health professionals and public officials (in partnership with Taylor Wessing)
A Swiss company involved in certification A French group operating in the telecommunications sector The Swiss Association of Economic Intelligence
  • Training to raise awareness of Managers and of the Sales Department staff (UKBA, FCPA, French Sapin 2 law)
  • Training to raise awareness of Managers and MENA Sales Department staff (UKBA, FCPA, French Sapin 2 law)
  • Training to raise awareness of staff members on criminal liability of top managers (UKBA, FCPA)

Other training examples

A French group operating in the energy sector An airport GSE SMB
  • Training sessions: Due Diligence Best Practices
  • Training sessions: Risk Mapping Best Practices
  • Training on Export Control

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