assists you in setting up your internal whistleblowing mechanism. We have set up whistleblowing mechanisms in several multinational groups in accordance with the various laws applicable in the different countries of establishment (labor law, GDPR and personal data protection laws, etc.).

Our expertise includes having performed the following services:

  • Advised on the implementation of hotlines in accordance with the recommendations of the French Anti-Corruption Agency, the provisions applicable to the protection of personal data and the ISO 27001 standard (definition of rules and best practices to respect in order to maximize the security of information systems);
  • Benchmarking of existing solutions for whistleblowing mechanisms;
  • Partnership with a French IT development firm for the design and development of a secure internal whistleblowing mechanism based on French technologies, following the Ebios RM methodology (Expression of needs and identification of Risk Manager’s security objectives) and cryptography recommended by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency).

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