Our expertise

  • Sector risk assessments
  • Information services (specialized monitoring, client alerts, etc.);
  • Constitution of specialized databases;
  • Analysis of customer data;
  • Country Risk Assessment: country risk analysis, risk assessment study by country or region (loan, investment, implementation, security, etc.);
  • Project Risk Assessment: risk analysis of a project (mission, contract, partnership, buy-back, etc.); study of the reasons for blocking a project;
  • Travel Risk Assessment: evaluation of a risk zone prior to a business trip or expatriation; study on the safety of means of transport.

Our references

Examples of studies we have performed

A French group of large retailers A large French bank A CAC40 Group in the automotive sector A large French cement group A public investment bank A large French insurer operating internationally
  • Fraudulent practices and corruption risks in Romania
  • Fraudulent practices and corruption risks in Hungary
  • Cases of corruption in Algeria and their treatment by the justice system and the press
  • Mapping of an Iranian banking system and risks
  • Identification and Reputation of Chinese and Thai Bank Payments to and from Iran
  • Analysis of the difficulties in the development of the cement market in Algeria
  • Analysis of business risks in Iran: Complying with US extraterritorial laws while using dollars
  • Analysis of business models in Greece and in Azerbaijan

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